Monday, July 18, 2011

Oopsy,it's been almost a month since i updated my blog and i did not realised it at all.hmm,the end of june till today was a bit of a busy week for me,as i went to Hong Kong,Macau,Penang and Langkawi in between 26th June-16th July! i cannot believe it myself.Sat on an aeroplane for the first time in my life to Hong Kong and i sat alone as my sis and her friend boight their tickets earlier.And i get to met a Hongkie guy while in a plane too.hahahaha.

Hmmm,to summarize my HK trip....I love the food and the shopping there as there are a LOT of delicious stuff and definitely some cheap stuff to buy if you compare it with m'sia.But,i do not like the people and the way they live their lives's all so...stress up and stuff.and i think it's my bad luck,i met a number of rude people there the fact that i can't read chinese...i prefer life in m'sia which is more of a relax/chilling mode in certain aspect.But,HK in terms of service and technology and stuff,it's definitely better and more efficient..i'm kinda lazy to post pictures here,so,just check out my fb ya,hehehe.Ooh oh,i almost forgot,we walk so much in HK that every night,i feel as if my leg is gonna patah soon.but,it's a good exercise and my friend said,i still look the same(did not grow fat) after i came back.which is GOOD NEWS to me.muahahahahahhaa.I almost forgot,went to campfire on the 9th of has been like almost 2-3 years since i went back to school,and there were a few changes made,and looking at it,i miss my high school days.met wjb too after 3 years i think?and i thought i would feel something,anything,but i felt nothing.i guess its a good thing.feel that i seem to always make the wrong choices at times.(in guys) *sighs*

Then,i went to Penang and langkawi.the last time i went to penang was like 4 years back,so,it has been a LONG time.not sure if i have been to langkawi.i think i have not,since i have zero memory of the places there.The entire trip was fun and amusing.Went to the war museum and did stuff i never imagine i would do-went into a(if i am not mistaken) 20m deep tunnel and then came back up through an escape route.was not confident that i could climb back up at first,but,thanks to me friends,i managed to do so.=D <3 hmm,went to eat all the good food of course and did some random stuff when playing cards.also,broke a record by squeezing in 7 people in 1 car.hahhahahahaa. epicness!!!!ooh and also getting to stand&sit at the back of a lorry taking in the wind was so so so much fun(did not manage to snap a picture of this sadly =(
Langkawi was fun too,not really a person who loves the sea/water,but walking along the beach was awesome.and also getting to write at the sand and stuff.hehehehehe.Also,riding the speedboat and not to say BEING ABLE TO DRIVE A SPEEDBOAT AT THE OPEN SEA was AWESOMENESS! i dont even drive a car much and yet,i get to experience to drive a boat.i feel that this is a once in a lifetime experience that is just pure awesomnesssssssss.also,getting to see eagles and bats(kinda creepy) and other stuff was fun too.also,being able to see people getting high as a result of alcohol was kinda amusing and very interesting.
And i think this is the first time i've been to a trip with my college mates.and also after form 5..yes,i lead a kinda boring,peaceful and depressing life at times.

Still can't get over some kegeraman that big bang and 2ne1,miss A and other artist were rocking out at singapore last fri for korean music wave.*heavy sigh* i wonder when will be the day that i am able to see them perform live.=(( Shinee is coming to singapore for concert in September. I really hope that they really DO COME to malaysia in september too..hopefully,they rumours/news that i heard is truelah.Currently loving 2pm's new album and am waiting for Miss A's new album A class to be released.can't wait for 2ne1's new album too!! and it seems that big bang members are currently working on their solo albums.wohoooooooo.Also discovered this singer called Canaan and his songs are far,just manage to find 2 of his digital single and there are no translations to his songs.sedih betul.=((( Also loving The Temper Trap and Beyonce's new album (countdown and best thing i never had is love).here's some pics,in random order.
Macau babyyyyy =D

At Cheong Fatt Tze mansion.

i like this pic somehow.=)


the escape route where i manage to climb.

the people i treasure,yik yee is missing here =(


love this pic =D

big bang rocks!! vip forever =D


Live fast,die young,go all in
me,driving the boat.whaddup yo =p

love this pic somehow

All of us =D
yes!i can do this .hahahaha
Victoria Harbor =)

with Dr.Sun Yat Sen.we have matching color baju =DD

love the pic of the clouds here

snoopy world =DD

with lots of love,peace out

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