Thursday, July 21, 2011

weird-twisted theory of mine

Hello,hello,i have been crazily just an expression,do not take it literally) reading this blog called parkandcube and i love it somehow.At first,i was just there to browse over the pics,but,when i started to really read the blog post as i feel a bit bad,i love it.i feel the writer is funny and witty which is at par with my sense of humour.And hence,the craze begins.And i read that its better that one has a light/white coloured background instead of dark ones as it enables the reader to read it more easily.This has certainly solve the mystery of why i dont have the mood to go through my blog posts even again after i have posted them.many apologies if i have been torturing you guys who have been reading my posts.

And hence,i decided to change my blog skin,etc.i suck at finding my own theme for the blog background,etc,so,just opted for the ones provided by blogger,but i'm happy with how it turns out =DD hmm,life have been peaceful or you could say boring lately.Though in a way,i'm happy living this livestyle of lazing around at home,watching dramas,checking twitter and fb countless times for updates when i get too bored and starting my blog-stalking craze once in a while.I somehow cannot watch a drama for the whole day,i get bored if i do so,so,usually,i will pause for a while and do some blog reading or fb or something.i think i have some short attention span for drama or something.=.=''' BUT,i'm proud to announce that i have finished watching baby-faced beauty,special A,on the way to finish secret garden(finally,i know) and lie to me.and in the process to start watching city hunter and heartstrings.You know there's this occupation where people become a fashion/personal buyer? i think i should change my occupation to something where i can watch dramas,and in a way,i get paid for it.......hahahaha.just's just some fantasy job of mine.

Also,i love multi-tasking.i dont know why.Though i have also read this somewhere that multi-tasking can at times be bad for you,at it reduces your brain's ability to focus or something along the line.But,i can't stop myself.i feel it's a waste of time,i f i dont do something at,if you're reading blogs,then do with while hearing songs too.i guess its just my weird-twisted concept.Ooh,another reason i plan to just spend my holidays lazing around like that,is because,i somehow get the feeling that i wouldnt have the chance to do so once college starts again and i plan to work for my next holiday at some law firm to gain some experience and also the fact that you're only 20 once in your lifetime,and if like i dont do these kinda stuff, i.e. lazing around,being a pig and getting nagged at being so ,etc, i dont think i'll be able to do so when i'm like 25 right?? once again this is my weird-twisted concept again i guess.

ok.i'm supposed to sleep now.just had an urge to blog in order to make up for a lack of loyalty to frequently update my blog the past few months.hahahahahaa.Errr,ok.i just realised that i'm rambling too much here haven't I ? i blame it on all the skills i acquired while writing up all the law essays =p you'll gain a lot of skills in crapping/writing long&full sentences at,good bam
-with lots of love,peace out-

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