Saturday, June 4, 2011

just need to let it out for a moment

sometimes it just feels a little tiring and frustrating that i need to do almost everything.i am not the most hard working person out there..and am lazy at times.but,if i'm supposed to do something,at the end of the day,i will do feels like at times..things about being the youngest and hence have to do stuff in order to learn or be better in it and ''i'm older and have done it before,hence its your turn now'' has some truth in it that i can further improve myself.but it gets irritating when you are the one that have to start to do everything.

it feels like people take me for granted at times.i see it as a good & bad shows that i can be relied upon at times,but please note that i have feelings too.please remember it from time to time.looking as if nothing's wrong on the outside and that nothing can really bother me doesn't mean i'm feelings-less on the inside.

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