Sunday, August 29, 2010

So many things have been happening recently..To me that is..First up,i went to see Lee Hom on the 21st of August..Sis went for ht Acca class before that so,i lepak alone in sunway...went to the place where i love the most i's the bookstore.Why do i love going there? there's new book to discover and to lust for=( and way lots of magazine to read.hahahahahaa.And a fast way to kill time..For melah that is.Then we headed out to 1U and got there at about 4.Insane lots of ppl were already lining up in the hot sun.My sis friend's and I went to grab our dinner before we went there.Met up with Mich and Andrew.I have to say this is the worst showcase/autograph signing session EVER.First cos he only sang 1 song which is disappointing.Never mind that,he almost didnt want to sign all the albums by the fans.Reason was cos he has to catch his flight.But thankfully i manage to get mine.Felt guilty for not being able to get that for See Wei.i know how much she loves him..Many apologies,see wei =( Almost fainted due to the insane lots of people there and the heat.and felt that my leg almost broke due to the long standing.Definitely worse than ss501(which surprisingly got a lot of ppl but i can still take it) and worldstage.

Big Bang is out with a new single called Somebody to Luv which is HOTNESS.and no,its totally different from Justin Bieber.I have yet to find the eng sub for the songs =( and and and i have epic news.BIG BANG,SNSD,SHINEE,F.T ISLAND,INFINITE & D-NA are coming to Singapore on the 23rd of Oct.This is sucha dream come true and my best chance to see Big Bang.thought the chance of meeting them is like completely 0 as i dont think they'll ever come to Malaysia?? who knows? i hope one day they will and i'm not OLD by the time they come.=p I really wannna go badly.But there's a lot of factors to consider here.So,lets hope that i can really go.hehehehe.Loving MGMT-kids and some of their songs.Dont ask me why,i myself dont know.But the tune just cant get off my head.Karan said,their songs are badd.And cant believe i like them.ishhhhhh.Loving Maroon 5-Misery,Ke$ha-Disgusting and Cheryl Cole-Parachute and Heaven..ooh,current drama marathons are:Parenthood,Smile,You,and Leverage.=)

And another sad news i that Sweet Yin is leaving for Scotland on the 8th of Sept.(if everything goes as planned).I'm happy that she will be able to study the stuff that she wants,etc,etc.But,i dont want her to go.Dont know when will she be back..=( gonna miss her soooooooooooo much...And this means that there will only be 2 of us now to have all the berbonding &bergossips session =( And we still havent go to a holiday together just the 3 of us yet.Maybe one day,just one day me and mei v will go Scotland and go travel.muahahahahahaha.

Surprised Kim and Karyn for their birthday.And it was the bomb.The expression on Kim's face was epic.hahahaha.And it was all thanks to Celine the mastermind of putting this all together =).It was so hard,keeping this surprise as a secret.hahahahaha...I love my holidays this time's awesome.and i hate it in the ways that i am brokeeee.I'm in a deficit now people.haih..need to start saving $$ for my love for concerts and my fav singers.=( good bye to delicious expensive food,too much outings and books for now*sobs*

Oh and i have yet to watch step up 3 and going the distance.and wall street(not sure when its coming out)..I plan to watch it with my 2 hommies.Ms.Chua and Ms.Lee...and i hate my face now cos of my pimple breakout.haihhhhhhhhhhhh....sedih.i shall also try and sleep early nowadays.i know i have been saying this for ages.But for the sake of beauty,i have too..and  its official that i will be a law student soon.Sept 18th to be really specific? missing kawan-kawanku..hehehehe.time flies so fast and i cant believe that i'm studying for my degree now.i guess that's all for now as these are the things that i can remember at the moment.

p/s: if everything goes as plan and there are no problems,i maybe able to move to kl next year.the exact date depends on various,fingers cross people =) + hope all of us are having a blasting holidays =)
                                                      with lots of love,peace out-

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