Sunday, January 15, 2017


I like how we are able to change from one topic to another topic in a second
I like how we look at each other, not say anything and just nod to each other
I like how when you suddenly thought of something in your mind and give that little laugh you have
I like how you are so happy and positive
I like how you are so rational and calm, that discreet manliness
I like how you get excited at the little things
I like how you don't realize the little things you do that is a bit weird
I like how you can be so flexible with your plans but is not totally clueless
I like how you are actually kinda an OCD person but keep denying you arent
I like how you're so terrified of insects and the humidity in Asia
I like how, sometimes you don't care what people think of you
I like how you sleep without knowing that you actually snore pretty loud
I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it (quoting the 1975)
I like how when you wake up and the first thing you do is say 'Hi' in a way I cant imitate but love
I just like the way you say 'Hi' to me. In a cute and a little bit awkward manner
I like how you're so accepting and open minded
I like your passion and intelligence
I like it how you are so well read but am not afraid to admit it when you dont know something
I like how you freaked out when your face gained weight instead of the rest of your body
I like how you were really shocked when I told you honestly that you need a new pair of glasses (the expression on your face was priceless)
I like it how you don't want to look shabby in front of me
I like it how passionate you are about the things you like and how much of a shopaholic you actually are
I like it how you respect me and let me take my time with things I'm inexperienced with
I like your willingness to teach me and layan (answer) me on weird random questions
I like it how when you send me snaps, towards the end of the snap, I get to see your face even if it's merely 2-3 seconds

Most importantly,
I like you ....

and I have a photographic memory on things I want to remember and hence the ability to write all this down... and hoping that my brain did not play a trick on me remembering back on these things.

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