Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How's life

A friend who I've not heard from sometime asked me a question one day : How is life?
I paused for a moment.Different thoughts starting popping up in my mind as I try and type out an answer.
It also occurred to me that it's been a long time sincesomeone asked me that question.

How is life ? ( how is my life?)
This is a very good question.
On one hand,the pessimistic side of me wanted to answer: My life is not so good right now.To be honest, I am not entirely depressed about my life , I can still smile and laugh at things,but when I am left alone at times,there's just a certain amount of unavoidable sadness and disappointment (?) that starts to creep in. I feel like I was suddenly thrust into the spoltight of having to act like an adult. A part of me can't help but think : I am to young for these kinda shit. I am tired.Can I not deal with these kind of stuff?

Those thoughts written above came into my mind and lingered on for a minute or two.I then said to myself : Let's not freak my friend out and let's be positive and let's interpret that question in a different perspective.

And so I replied : Life is ok.Just some stress is piling up in respect about my exams.

With that,momentarily I tell myself that I am fine. Life is good. I can get through this. I am a stronger person than I think I am and I need to be patient.

-with lots of love,peace out.-

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