Monday, April 2, 2012

I'll always remember.thank you

I'm finally's so surreal.How does it feel? It's pretty much the same other than the fact now that I am an adult.Like I could do all things that were not really legal to me last time,like clubbing and stuff.Hehhehehe.

Rather than describing it as being the happiest in the world today,I think I'm the luckiest in the world to have meet such awesome friends and such loving and comical family members.Some friends whom I thought may not remember my birthday,took the effort to text me! I really appreciate it.And those who took time off from their busy schedule or some even when feeling tired and all,to celebrate with me.I really appreciate it.

Pre-celebration started with eating korean food dinner on the 1st of April.After that,I thought my parents slept already,but at 12 midnight,they came into my room with a cake and present for me.I was super shocked and prevented myself from bursting into tears.At 12 sharp also,my bro called me and sang to me the birthday song.I thought he had forgotten too! My sis was comical.I am currently using her old phone.The calender in the phone still has those important dates that she set reminder off,and at 12.00 am sharp too,it rang stating ''Sis' birthday''.I was holding on to the phone and got a shock.I was blur for a moment.Taking some time to process that it was me. >.< And then i went ''oh'' and my sis and I looked at each other and laugh and she said'' See,my phone so good.Even reminded you of your own birthday.So accurate somemore.Happy Birthdaylah then.'' Hahahahaha.

And I can't believe that I got pranked by Ms.Phui Gi.telling me she was aka T.O.P (Tan Ong Piak) dying his hair blue for me birthday and will be in brickfields.hahhaahaha.I laughed my ass off.awesomeness.hahahahahahaha.

Attended class in the morning and I seriously respect my lecturer/principal.He was not feeling well (was vomitting0he had a stomach flu i think) and still insist on carrying on the class.So dedicated.Respect.respect.Then after that,went to watch movie-Mirror Mirror which was sooo funny and ate japanese food =DDD Had a great time.Would like to again thank See Wei,for taking the effort to call everyone,Yik Yee who's always there for me and is my tour guide in times square and all (hehehe),Mich,Lee Tat,Eric,Ah J and Su Ning .

Ooh oh.Also,I have 3 other high school classmates who shares the same birthday with me! How cool is that right? I remember some friends saying that whenever its 2nd of april they'll always go broke cause they have to buy gifts for 4 people! hahahahaa.This year,being 21,all 4 of us decided to get together around next week to celebrate being alive for 21 years at the same day,month and year =DDDDD It's been a long time since I meet them too.Looking forward to it.

Am also looking forward to meet up with Ms.Lee.Ughhh.everyone's so busy at this time of the month,having exams and whatnot.Sad.Sad.

Last surprise was today when I got home,dad told me that I got a card.When I saw it,I was so shocked.It was from Ms.Sweet.She wrote a letter for me! and also created a checklist on what to do for my brithday (which some was funny and some impossible/hard to achieve).Ok.dress nicely/cutely is doable,but approach a guy whom i think is cute? come on... =(( oklah..calling someone -him/her telling him i love him/her  is doable alsolah i guess.hahahaha. I was so amused and touched and overwhelmed that I cant believe I'm saying this,that i cry.Not like until very sad lah.But really cos i appreciate it.Like the effort and thought that went to write all this stuff..haihh.brings me to tears people.

I am really thankful and happy today.Thank you so much.Words can't really describe my exact feeling really.It's a memory that have been stored safely in my brain for the rest of my life.

shall post some pics updates later as i wanna compile them all together.

-with lots of love,and really,thank you everyone,you know who you guys are,peace out-

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  1. You should include how ur friend confused with your birthday with those who shared same birthday with u. And also how he confused u and me. lol
    Happy 21~ I will find u once break starts.